Avalon Writers Cabin

“Teach the children. Rejoice as they learn to love this green space they live in.” -Mary Oliver

Owl Box Installation

Perched above the historic hamlet of Cold Spring Harbor, this stunning 32-acre preserve at one time was being considered for development into thirteen house lots. Mature hardwood forest, which comprises over 60 percent of the preserve, protects air quality and provides erosion control throughout its steep ravines. We will be joining the Stewardship team of […]

Animals in Action with George Bumann

Join us for a day in the woods with artist, writer, & naturalist, George Bumann to explore our relationship with the animals of Avalon through hiking, creative thinking and discussion. Who is George Bumann? George Bumann (rhymes with ‘human’) is a professional sculptor living with his wife, young son and their black lab, Hobbes, near […]

Praying Mantis Egg Case Collection

Did you know that one praying mantis can have a clutch size of up to 100-300 eggs in one egg sac?! While that is a crazy fact to think about, another is these insects love to adhere their egg sacs to the grasses in our fields at Avalon and we usually find over 100 of […]

Seed Starting

Come join us for another round of adding veggie seeds to our trays so we can get them started under a grow light for the spring! If it’s warm enough, we can also start to work the soil, place our first seedlings under the greenhouse/cold frames, and spend some time outside. Get ready to get […]

Seal Walk

Each winter, seals are hauling out onto Long Island’s shores and rocky beaches as part of their migratory routes. For some species, our winters are their summers! Field biologists from the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) work to take survey data based on observations of these animals. They rely on volunteer efforts to gain more […]

Four Harbors Audubon Society Nature Walk

Interactive walks meet in front of the Grist Mill on Harbor Road. On-street parking is available. Expect excellent photographic opportunities and lively discussions with other viewers. Individuals of all levels of expertise are welcome on our walks. *Please note that walks may be canceled due to unusually inclement weather.

Half-day Silent Retreat

For those with prior meditation experience, this half-day of intensive guided practice is held in the context of silence. PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY.


At this time, the preserve remains OPEN. We understand the respite that the outdoors provides for you, but we need you to help us remain open during these trying times.


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