January 20, 2023

A brand-new life!  Such a small beautiful bundle brings smiles even to the most hardened.  The soft skin and smell of a new baby will always be etched in my mind.  My daughter will be a quarter of a century this coming February but I can still remember her sweet breath and perfectly painted eyebrows on the day she was born.

How wonderful for one of my Seedlings families to have a new little life in their family.  The baby will be surrounded by loving siblings and parents.  New adventures to be had for each of them in their own way, as we all process things differently. 

I’ve had so many babies who’ve come to my classes with their mothers.  Bundled snuggly against their mother’s chest.  Such a warm and safe place to be.   Hearing the heartbeat of their mother as they hike, one of their first sounds vibrating in utero.  As the mothers’ walk, the babies sway and hear loving and reassuring voices. 

There were quite of few Seedlings’ mothers who gave birth during the 2022 season of Seedlings.  Each individual brought into the world dependent upon others to fulfill their needs. But internally the babies are becoming their own person.  They have their own distinctive cries, smiles and laughs.  They chose how to let it be known that they are hungry, happy, unhappy, or tired. Little people waiting to bloom. 

I look forward to 2023 and all the new babies and children I will meet. The Spring will bring new and old faces who will share their lives with each other as we continue to let nature nurture all of us. For this I am grateful.

Thank you to P for reminding her mother to send me a photo of her new sibling!