Avalon’s Yellowstone Immersion is a scholarship program offered to outstanding students who have successfully participated in Avalon Natural Connections (formerly Outdoor Leadership), Nature Initiative (formerly STATE), or Avalon Writers Cabin programs.

Participation is based on recommendation and selection by the respective program directors of each Avalon youth program. As there is limited space each fall in our Yellowstone Immersion program, invitations will be extended to former participants after careful discussion; there is no application for this program. Invitation will be extended to the teens who stand out in embracing Avalon Nature Preserve’s ethos of protection, restoration and inspiration.

Selected participants who accept our invite will spend five full days in Yellowstone National Park accompanied by an experienced  Yellowstone guide, along with chaperones from Avalon Nature Preserve. Each day we will head backcountry, by foot, immersing ourselves in the wonders of Yellowstone. Highlights include Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Lamar Valley and hopefully seeing some of the resident wolves, bears, bison and elk that reside in the park boundaries. Program participation will also bring us into contact with leading experts in their leading outdoor fields, including wildlife biology, storytelling, nature sculpting. These amazing opportunities are often inspirational for our participants in thinking about their own career choices in the arts and sciences.

Students will be notified of selection by March 1, 2023.

Meet Kathy

Katharine Griffiths is the Executive Director of Avalon Nature Preserve in Stony Brook, NY. Originally from Canada, Katharine has spent the last 20 years working on the design, construction and maintenance of the park. She has served on numerous village and community environmental boards and enjoys the challenge of balancing conservation efforts with economic and development needs. Katharine is an avid traveler and has hiked extensively though New Zealand, Australia, Africa and the Himalayas. She hopes to inspire young minds to travel and be active members in their communities.

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