“Teach the children. Rejoice as they learn to love this green space they live in.”

-Mary Oliver

The Avalon Writers Cabin will be a place to publish and celebrate young writers. Since Avalon’s inception, we have seen an influx of young visitors to the preserve. We love to hear your voices on the trails -and now to see them on the page. Ancient and contemporary writers alike have been inspired by the sea, sky and forest. The Writers Cabin will carry on that tradition by giving our next generation of nature writers a place of their own.

Please see our autumn call for submissions below. The deadline is November 22.

And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves…

Virginia Woolf


Autumn Writing Prompt

Fall has arrived and Avalon Writers Cabin is happy to announce our autumn call for submissions. This time of year brings its changing colors and moods; our theme for fall is “Autumn Leaves”.

Please submit poems or essays that that reflect on your unique observations, reflections or memories of autumn.

As usual, at the Avalon Writers Cabin we are eager to publish all submissions, but this fall our editors will choose their favorite three pieces and send authors some great Avalon Nature Preserve merchandise.

Happy Writing.

Submission guidelines:
  • Feel free to submit a poem, personal essay, or another genre.
  • We ask that you limit essays to 750 words.
  • Please submit through our easy-to-use Google Form link.
  • We have a list of titles that may help you get started.
  • Please submit by November 22.


Between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, Today by Emily Jungmin Yoon 

In Autumn by Mark Irwin

Red Shoes by Honor Moore

The Wild Swans at Coole by WB Yeats

Song for Autumn by Mary Oliver

Kicking the Leaves by Donald Hall

Under the Harvest Moon by Carl Sandburg


Our Days Have Always Been Running Out by Margaret Renkl

Where It Begins by Barbara Kingsolver