“Teach the children. Rejoice as they learn to love this green space they live in.”

-Mary Oliver

The Avalon Writers Cabin will be a place to publish and celebrate young writers. Since Avalon’s inception, we have seen an influx of young visitors to the preserve. We love to hear your voices on the trails -and now to see them on the page. Ancient and contemporary writers alike have been inspired by the sea, sky and forest. The Writers Cabin will carry on that tradition by giving our next generation of nature writers a place of their own.

Autumn Writing Contest!

“As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see.” — Vincent Van Gogh

To celebrate fall’s arrival Avalon Writers Cabin is happy to announce our Autumn Writing Contest.
Submission guidelines:
  • We welcome your original work.
  • Feel free to submit a poem, personal essay, or another genre.
  • We ask that you limit essays to 750 words.
  • Please submit through our easy-to-use Google Form link below.
  • Deadline for submissions is November 15.
  • First-Place Prize: $125
  • Second-Place Prize: $75
  • Third-Place Prize: $50


Take a look at  the links below for inspiration.

For the Chipmunk in My Yard by Robert Gibb 

Autumn by Grace Paley 

Beyond the Red River by Thomas McGrath 

Theme in Yellow by Carl Sandburg 

Dusk in Autumn by Sara Teasdale 

Autumn Leaves by Marilyn Chin 

Equinox by Elizabeth Alexander

Blackberry Eating by Galway Kinnell

Kid, this is October, by Jeffrey Bean


*Please note that some districts will block students from submitting from their school drives. You may need to use your personal Gmail account to submit successfully.




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