May 9, 2021

April 30, 2021

“The struggle is real!” M exclaimed as he watched S battle with the hand saw blade as he moved it back and forth through the branch.  At 12 years old, M was right.  The struggle of using a hand saw to achieve the goal was difficult and very real. 

The idea of handing a 12 year old a cranky toothed saw might not be a parent’s idea of a smart thing to do. However if guided, there are many possibilities for success and power wrapped up in the push and pull of a blade. 

Usually, when I unfold the saw, fear and excitement are the first few reactions from the kids.  For safety reasons, kids are taught to fear sharp objects when they are young.   But when we pair  teaching respect for tools and proper use, the fear can ease and become a path to confidence, pride and struggle.  

It was not easy to saw through the branch.  M & S learned that it doesn’t just happen. They persevered and sawed through the branch to completion.  It was exciting  and fun to witness. 

Hard work, perseverance and desire  were key to their completion.  I wonder if progress has robbed of us of experiencing this ethic?  Perhaps we can look at the idea of guiding  our children to do something we think impossible.  They might surprise you! It doesn’t have to be a saw. It can be learning to tie knots, trying to climb a tree, or even pushing a wheel barrow. 

I would love to hear your stories of surprise!