Sway Play

Entering the woods, the choice is theirs. Which way shall we go? Right or Left?  Sometimes the choice is met with a vote and then we charge in the agreed upon direction.  It is never known what the children will say or experience, something I call sway.  Like a tree that bends in the wind, we never know how far it will bend or in which direction.

Swaying is my favorite type of play.  It gives children to ability to be guided by their inner force. Something which is often ignored because adults are busy or have their own agenda.  This happens in everyday life, but for an hour they are set free to “sway” and bend.  Shall we climb or  run? Collect or to explore?  Within in each sway there is;  discovery which lights up an imagination, fascination when you experience something cool, an understanding of inner limits and risk taking.As our time in the woods comes to an end, I breathe in their conversations and enjoy their sway.  Each child carries their energy home as they jump into their cars refreshed and full of earthly excitement.