“The fire is the main comfort of camp, whether in summer or winter.”

~Henry David Thoreau

Four boys and a fire. Such a sweet time watching their eyes light up with excitement as they crumpled paper and broke sticks to prepare the base for our small fire, this evening.

After a walk through the darkened woods and some imaginative play, the boys and I came back to the barn ready to engage in a ritual of fire starting.  How exciting to be in the dark and ignite a fire which will warm us and brighten our faces.

The sun left us an hour ago and we were able to appreciate its changing colors as it dipped below the horizon. As the boys played I saw Jack looking out into the distance. What wonderful opportunity to stand in the dusk light of the woods and be still. I can still see him looking to the west where the sun once hung in the sky.

Back at the barn they talked and laughed.  Isn’t this what all kids should be up to on a beautiful evening? Wanting to set things on fire, they were able to poke long sticks into the fire and enjoy the wonder of the burning stick. So small but so important.

The warm minty tea I provided by the fire was eschewed by the boys, but I tried. I think they were full from all the play, laughter and togetherness. A wonderful night in the woods, next to a small fire.