February 24, 2022

Twisty trails bordered by fallen trees.
Trees stretching skyward with branches shooting outward.
Leaf litter covering the soft dark soil.
Swirling vines capturing unsuspecting trees.

Human footsteps interfere
Birds notice. 
Squirrels scurry to their hiding spots.
Voices echo through spaces in the woods.

Singing not from birds but from children.
A joyous chorus of harmonies.
As they sing, 
and dance down the twisty trails.

The trees stand taller and listen 
as they hear laughter and 
sweet sounds. 
Birds and Squirrels reappear to listen.

The teacher listens. 
Energy is strong and the group continues on
along the twisting trails,
while echoes of voices permeate the silence 
which came before.


A group of ten children and I headed out into the woods for our annual winter hike. As spontaneous singing broke out among some of the hikers, I thought about the impact on the woods, the animals and other hikers in the park. There is something about hearing singing in the woods. Positive or negative? Your choice.