September 13, 2022

Five-year-old little beings are tiny packages of energy, emotion and knowledge.  If there were a category for “professional players,” it would be awarded to the kindergarten age kid!  

When welcoming the newest group of Kindergartners to the Preserve, I am always fascinated by the little comedians, engineers, teachers, caregivers, explorers, and athletes. This descriptive list goes on and on. One thing they all have in common is that they love to play!  It could be pretend play, it could be game play, it could be contests, or it could be solo play. Another list that is endless.

Whether the group is invested in a game led by a pint-sized leader or a child playing independently with natural materials, both are the result of the cumulative and ongoing process of child development and a supportive homelife.

I remember my five-year-old self in Mrs. Schlecker’s Kindergarten class. She would sing to us and set out the giant red blocks. I was a professional player for sure and I’ve always held that close to my heart.

This is an exciting time for five-year-old children, as they begin to formulate their own self in earnest.  Even if the child is not in a formal school, they are ready to process being part of a larger group, following directions, sitting for longer than normal and being responsible for taking care of their possessions.  That’s a big ask, especially when the child wants to play, play, play. 

I welcome all  children to Avalon where they continue to expand, explore, wonder and play in nature’s classroom with a supportive adult who is a professional player! Me!

 I send gratitude to all the parents who continue to share their children with me

Get out and play!