April 14, 2021

In a past blog I spoke of flow playing, but for this story I’d like to add “flow teaching” as a style of leading . Generally as I teach, I observe and listen to the kids as we move through my plan for the day.  It’s as if they guide me while I have the “lesson” in the back of my mind. However sometimes, my flow morphs into their flow.  

Last Tuesday was a deliciously warm day.  Our hike took place on the trails surrounding the newly cut meadows at Avalon. My plan was to share with the kids, the new plants emerging under all the cut stems and grasses. Little did I know a little orange and black bug would cause a lesson detour!

As we approached the red haloed maples in the field, the kids discovered scores of milkweed bugs scattering around the base of the trees. The bug’s black and orange bodies were weaving all over the soft green moss and in and out of the chunky ribbed bark.  The kids were captivated. Many minutes were spent talking and observing the bugs’ colors, and their behavior.  We even saw a male and female attached like a “Choo Choo” train.

The children were so focused and enthralled by these little creatures. I knew my plan about the fields for this week, was out the door!  My course had been invaded by the milkweed bug!  So I sat on the ground and joined in.   I flowed into their flow and it was amazing. 

Note: The photo above is of an adult milkweed bug and two nymphs.  Their host is the milkweed plant where they will suck the juices of the plant with their proboscis. The female will lays thousands of eggs which will be visible in the summer.  Come see them in the fields!

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