March 25, 2021

Early childhood drawings are one of my favorite things! The primitive stylings of a 3 year old rock my world.  There is so much said in the lines the little ones create. 

When a young child sits to draw there is intention.  It may not look like anything we recognize, but you can be sure they know exactly what they are trying to say.  There are magical creations coming from their brain through their pencil, crayon or brush.

The development of a toddler’s abstract art, where creating lines going this way and that, all have meaning. As the toddler moves into the 3’s and 4’s we begin to see concrete tangible objects we recognize. For example, when a “house” begins to take on a house shape with  squares and triangles rather than a scribble of lines.  But I must say it’s those scribbles that I love. The primitive beginnings of creativity. 

There is always a good laugh in store when we see a child’s drawing of a parent or grandparent.  The arms and legs coming out of the head. It’s such a joy to watch as a child evolves.  

Sometimes I reflect on the loss of innocence and loss of abstraction when kids begin to draw how “we” think they should draw.  So when you get an opportunity watch a young child draw sit back and enjoy.  Sue

A cute video about why children’s art is important.  Worth the watch.

A great book:

“Rapunzel’s Supermarket” by Ursula Kolbe

Seedlings Grade 1 & 2 class
Seedlings Kindergarten class