Into the Darkness

November 30, 2020

“Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas”. J.K.Rowling                                        

Out of the darkness I hear a young voice, “the moon is making shadows!” Sure enough I look down at the ground and see the shadows Brett is talking about!  What a wonderful gift the moon gave us last evening, as we wrapped up our hike. 

For November classes, the Seedlings kids and I ventured into the woods just after sunset. Being present mentally and physically while day changes into night offers each of us our own personal package of wonder. The colors in the sky, the silhouettes of the trees against the orange pink dusk, bats flying overhead, owls hooting, or the quiet that comes over the land, are all things to be absorbed. Collectively we share our wonder.

Bravery is key for our adventures.  Darkness may hold fear for some children.  When fearful, the child will usually stay close to me and express their fear. Step by step the fear wears thin and they becomes engulfed by the nighttime fun. There are no creatures that will bring harm to our pack. We are safe.  

Sometimes imaginations can go wild in the dark. When I was little, I would walk home from my friend’s house in the dark. So many times I convinced myself there was a scary creature chasing me and I would run like lightning!  I felt safe when I arrived home.  Part of my work is to help the kids feel like Avalon is their “home”.  They carry their torches with pride to light the way to Stickland or play Predator and Prey in the dark woods. As a result they become confident and resilient kids.

Each evening upon arrival, as the sun is sinks below the horizon, the moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter have guided us into the darkness. We never know what in store for us but that is part of the adventure. 

Try a walk in the into the darkness with your family while the moon is kindly sharing its light.  Sue

Heading into the night….