February 25, 2021

The air, sun and sounds floated around me yesterday as I worked in the Seedling’s garden Phoenix, at Avalon.  The 52 degree weather gave me the opportunity to get a jump on pulling weeds from the small gated garden, cleaning up last Fall’s leaves . It felt so good to have my hands in the cold damp soil knowing that in a few months the kids will join me to plant seeds.

Little did I know I was going to experience a rare but meaningful moment. As I worked, the cool air ruffled the leaves I was trying to scoop up.  I chased them with vigor, bending and stretching my winterized body.  But then something weird happened.  I realized that I was right where I wanted to be.  The feeling ran through me like the comfortable feeling  of being hugged. It carried my mind to a  momentary place of calm.  

I’m still trying to piece together what occurred but I know the combination of being surrounded by the fields, hearing the guys working on the nearby observatory, the fresh air and having my feet on the soft solid earth helped me to realize I was doing something that I loved.  Although I was gardening for my job it was also for me. 

An additional piece to the experience was physically transferring all the garden rocks which usually create a garden walkway and relocating all the rocks that families painted last year when the pandemic began.  The rocks (in the photograph)  are  a permanent part of the garden. They also represent the love and hope all these families provide. 

So next time when you are doing something, perhaps you will recognize you are right where you want to be.  The moment is fleeting but oh so invigorating. 

Enjoy this video of a person who loves what they do!