I’m Playing…ahhhhh

Being in the woods while it is drizzling, a perfect reflective setting for play.  Today the Seedlings are given the opportunity to use supplies, in this case chalk and a vegetable peeler, they choose their course. There is no direction or correction from me. Their brains fire up and they use their creative instincts. Sometimes they stick with one project and see it through and others go from place to place. Freedom is  the key.

As I observe and listen I see things emerge. A beautiful singing comes from one boy who is busily concentrating on his shavings. He is in his zone, flowing with the drizzle falling from the trees. It is not the final result that matters, it all about the process. I wonder what they are thinking while creating? What type of physical feelings are occurring? Do they need to move or can they be still? Once they feel safe they are able to tend to their own selves. I enjoy the peaceful calm. Before our group leaves the woods, we stand still and breathe deeply to take in the calmness. My hope is that they always know that there is peace in the woods