March 8, 2022

It’s been a long time coming but the other day the Seedlings’ kids stood in a circle and held hands!  I know you might be thinking, “yeah, so what?”  But, it was a BIG deal for me and others.  After two years of singing our goodbye song in a circle without linking our hands in song, the time had arrived for us to link and become a connected group again.

The children in this crew of cuties are around the age of three. Which means for the last two years many of these youngsters have not held hands with other non related kids in preschools or social situations. Lucky were the kids whose parents allowed this to happen regardless of the black cloud that lingered.  

Hand holding is such a wonderful connection to another human.  It is a nonverbal communication which says, “I like you” or “I  support you” or “you are my friend.“ A gentle nudge next to another’s hand opens up a network of emotions whether or not you are aware of it. 

For me, there is nothing like walking along a trail during class and a child comes up to me and wiggles their little hand into mine.  Such delight and acceptance for both of us.

So in the midst of all that is happening reach out and  hold the hand of someone you love or even someone you think might need it.  Perhaps you’ll get a reassuring squeeze back! 

“To touch is to give life.”