The Last Deer in the Forest

The morning air smelt of dew and a fresh chilliness. The dense woods had an adolescent nature to them as if they hadn’t been touched by the unforgiving touch of man. The leaves on the trees looked an amber color like they had been slightly toasted upon the fire. A small clearing in the woods was full of blue baptisia australis, yellow butterfly milkweed, purple rosa palustris, and a red winterberry plant. The assortment of elegant flowers were doused in golden honey by the sun. It looked like a rainbow of nature that could only be explained by a higher power. A deer walked into the clearing it’s beady eyes staring at English ivy that sat on the corner of the clearing. The deer was now doused in the honey-like sunlight. The deer bent its majestic head it’s white spots on its body looking like drops of milk upon a wooden countertop. The deer put it’s head back up a piece of english ivy still in it’s mouth. The deer exited the beautiful scene entering the adolescent dense woods once more. The deer entered another clearing in the woods. The clearing wasn’t almighty, like the previous, but was full of a thick black smoke that made the air dense like molasses. The grass in the clearing was an unhealthy yellow and grey. In the center of the clearing a large metal house sat it’s aesthetic disrupting nature’s beauty. The deer walked cautiously over to the front door. A bush full of blueberries sat next to the doorway. The plant looked malicious and had a faint green glow to it. The branches of the plant looked like burnt barbed wire. The door opened revealing a plump man wearing a red plaid flat hat who had a bushy mustache and rat-like face. The deer jumped startled by the entrance of the man. “Oh… my god.” The man had a look of pure awe on his face. “A deer!” The man ran back inside. “Honey! Honey! You can’t believe what I just saw!” “What! What! Did you see a robot with three heads or something Jerald!” said a sarcastic voice of an older woman. The deer ran out the clearing leaving four black prints behind. In the distance the voices of the man and women could be heard. “That wasn’t funny Jerald!” “No- I s-swear he was right here.” he responded “Must’ve been a trick of the light.” the women said. “I guess you’re right.” The man responded with a distinct air of melancholy in his voice.”