Local Beach Visits in the Winter

A few weekends back I visited Cupsogue Beach with my family. We parked in the lot closest to the trail. We had to walk down the trail to the entrance of the bay beach so we could try and spot some seals. Before this, I had visited Cupsogue and never seen any seals but to my surprise, there was one about 200 yards offshore. I managed to get some pictures on my phone but none of them were good. I would recommend going here with your family for some fun and very fresh air!

I also visited Long Beach in Smithtown with my family. There were only a few other people there and it made for a nice quiet walk along the

beach. While I was there searching through the shells I found a dead seahorse and some beautiful shells. There were a lot of horseshoe crabs along with dead bunker fish that had been eaten by the bird population. Hopefully, once the weather warms up again I can return to find some more wildlife. I would recommend coming here with your family, since it is close to home and even though it was cold there were only a few other people making it a nice quiet walk.