I Love Student Content!

It’s been a year since the pandemic struck and life as we know it has changed. I remember when everything shifted and the world went silent as we locked down. After some time, we were ready to think about our programs again and how they would look. Almost everything we do is outdoors! How do you deliver that to a computer screen?

As we got used to our new “norm” of doing virtual events and activities from home, I started to work on our newsletter. I liked the idea of a redesign and really making it stand out while serving as a place for parents to read about what their teenagers have been up to in Nature Initiative.

In writing our spring newsletter, I reflected on all the great projects we had leading up to this time of year and that brought a smile to my face. Photos of our book club and evening winter walks collaborations with the Seedlings program, our paddleboard build at the boat shop in Port Jefferson, and the animals in action activity with George Bumann all filled the pages. After pressing “send” on the emails, I remember thinking to myself that the following newsletter would feel a bit emptier.

I couldn’t have been more off with that thought. As it came time to do a summer issue, I decided it was best to invite our students to contribute. This was certainly the best way for parents to see their children’s accomplishments. The pages quickly flooded with a beautiful canvas painting, an article describing an oil spill occurring on the other side of the world and a short story about the last deer in the forest. Everything flowed so perfectly, words eloquently written and pops of color to steer our newsletter in a whole other (and more personable) direction! I sent this one out with confidence, so proud of our students taking the lead on turning this into their own. Since then, I’ve been delighted by more art pieces, photos, independent research and scholarship features, short stories and articles. I really love featuring our student content!

P.S. If you haven’t seen our newsletters, they are now featured on our website!