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Spring Cleanup Challenge

March 27, 2021 - April 3, 2021

Please note, this event is for registered for Nature Initiative members only. To learn more about our youth program, click here.

Have you been walking the beaches lately? How about your local neighborhood? I’ve seen a whole lot of trash out there and so I invite you to take this challenge!

Over your spring break, try and find some time to spend in nature whether that is taking a walk somewhere near you or visiting a park or beach. See how much debris you can collect while you are there and log what you find! One of the sadder realities I’ve noticed since the pandemic began is how many disposable masks are on the ground; it definitely bothers me and I always try to do my part.

Although we’ve done cleanups before, it is one of those things where you cannot do it enough. Even on two separate afternoon walks at West Meadow, I found a balloon floating in the water and a 6.5 ft piece of plastic sheeting. We all know the detrimental impacts it can have on marine mammals, sea turtles, fish and the general ecosystem and you never know what you’ll find. I can’t tell you how many people walked right past that balloon- it was further out but I was able to get it, I wasn’t leaving it there. Sometimes a good deed counts on you, so let’s keep our environment less trashy!

When: Anytime from March 27th-April 3rd. This is an independent activity from home so you can go where, when and as often as you choose!

How: Bring a reusable bag (or a whole bunch of them!) or a large kitchen garbage bag. Just be mindful if you use plastic bags that they don’t blow away! Always wear gloves, closed toed shoes/sneakers, and long clothing to protect your skin if you are reaching in between branches or into brush in wooded areas. SAFETY FIRST! If you are not comfortable picking something up, then don’t pick it up! Never pick up any needles!

Time: There is no specific time frame, you can go for 10 minutes or 1 hour! Every minute makes a difference!

Report your data on the Marine Debris Tracker App. The app is free and can be downloaded right to your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple store. Since marine debris is considered any human made item that makes its way to the ocean, you aren’t just limited to the beach. You may use this app to report anything you find on land since an estimated 80% of marine debris comes from land-based sources.

Earn Hours: Email me with the dates/times you did your collection, a screenshot of your log from the app, and a picture of you in action! You may earn up to 5 hours for this activity.

Recycle anything you can from what you collected! Remember, the Town of Brookhaven recycles plastics #1 & #2.

Make a positive impact, leave a sustainable footprint and have FUN!


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March 27, 2021
April 3, 2021
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